Hours of dream and passion with the best Belgian, French, German, Dutch and English model makers. The most beautiful trains, ships, planes, trucks, cars, circuses, figurines, dioramas, agricultural machinery and doll's houses at all scales on an area of 7000 m². Demonstrations and animations by model makers and craftsmen who are eager to share their art with you in a good mood and are open to dialogue.

Expo Trains & Modélisme is a cultural event for the general public, aiming to make visitors discover or rediscover model making. As opposed to the usual cliché, model making requires above all creativity and is more connected with craftsmanship than with a form of child's play, because it requires meticulous work for which patience, skill, perseverance and a taste for beauty are essential qualities. It reproduces objects of yesterday and today which are then within reach, for the great delight of both children and adults.

For the experts, it is the model show where one can exchange loads of ideas, tips and tricks with the exhibitors. For those who already practise model making in the closet, it is often the opportunity to overcome their timidity and to decide in their turn to come and expose their works the year after. The show has become the national and international meeting place for the lovers of model making in all its forms.

Finally, it is the discovery for the uninitiated of a marvellous and fantastic world to which one comes to dream with the family. The aim of the event is to awaken the artistic skills that lie dormant in everyone of us and also to make visitors feel like devoting themselves to model making, even though they doubt their capacities.

Our parteners for 2015 edition