Full of admiration and passion, my husband and I always made sure we visited the yearly Expo Trains, as it was called then, which was organized by Mr. Alain Mouffe in the Sambre valley, in Chatelineau, Châtelet, Jemeppe-sur-Sambre in 2002, Aiseau-Presles in 2001, Auvelais, Tamines in 2000 and many other towns in Wallonia.

It worried us in 2003 that we did not receive, as every year, an invitation as former visitors. We inquired and  learnt of the death of Alain Mouffe. I then contacted his son Lionel who had left for Switzerland for his profession. We met and I realized quickly that I had the same vision as his father as regards model making. Consequently, the organization of the show changed hands. For an easier access for the exhibitors as well as for the visitors, we moved to the Wex of Marche-en-Famenne, then to Ciney Expo, and back to the Wex.

As I don't practise this hobby myself, I can definitely act as an intermediary between the exhibitors and the visitors, whether they practise model making or not. I encourage them to see, rather than ageing kids who play with toys, true artists who reproduce reality at various scales, objects of everyday life or of yesteryear.

Organizing this show is a way to bring pleasure to others, to allow them to look back on life in the past and to show to youngsters how deeply life has evolved, in addition to causing amazement. It is truly a delight for me to cause these exchanges, as well on the level of the creativity as of the dialogue. The goal is to make our visitors feel like creating their own models and daring to exhibit them, which is something thrilling.

Martine Oger, organiser